At Tulipe Daycare, our first priority is the well-being of your children. It is a pleasant and comfortable environment for children to learn, grow and adapt to life in society.

Our expert panel of qualified educators follows a curriculum to create a learning environment for your children. Motivated by their love for children, they ensure the child can harmoniously integrate a group.

This daycare is purposely created for a small group to allow for a more personal touch. With over ten years experience, I’ve noticed that a smaller group is less stressful for the children and makes them feel safe, allowing them to grow in comfort and security.

My plan is to give children opportunities to explore their emotions, creativity, imagination, and physical growth, encouraging confidence and independence. Through this program children will learn: how to socialize with others, a sense of responsibility and a healthy lifestyle: children must have a healthy diet, therefore, following the Canadian food guide, the meals will consist of a variety of nutritious elements.